Blog mysteriously resurfaces – owner totally amazed (but really trying to keep it up this time)

I started this knitting blog last year in Finnish, my native language. Somehow I never got into the habit of writing regularly, although I really like writing and often think about things worth writing about. Now I’m making a fresh start, this time in English, so people finding me through Ravelry will be able to read my blog too. I promise I will really try to keep this up, second time around.

So, I just made a subscription to Craft Magazine, starting with issue 04. The price for four digital issues was US $26.95, so I thought I might give it a try.

craft 04

Well, after flicking (or clicking, rather) through the pages of the latest issue, I’m a bit disappointed. I knew it wasn’t really a knitting magazine, but somehow I expected more fiber crafts stuff. There is only one knitting project – the crime scene scarf portrayed on the cover – and that’s really not enough of a challenge for a person who has been knitting for some years, like me.

Other things related to fiber crafts in this issue: a natural dyeing 101 and a tutorial on how to carve your own crochet hook. I haven’t read the other articles yet, but some of them seem interesting and I’m hoping the next issues will have greater fiber content (after all, they say it’s good for you!).


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