Green Swan

I bet there’s a pub in England with that name. I’ve been slowly progressing on clue 4 of Mystery stole 3, which turned out to have a swan theme. I’m okay with that, but for some reason I don’t see myself knitting (and wearing) a wing. I probably won’t be wearing this as a stole either, more probably as a scarf. I decided to make it symmetrical (no wing), and Melanie, who’s designed the stole, just posted an interesting and creative solution to this. Thank you, Melanie!

Mystery Stole 3

However, this still means a lot of work before I get to the interesting part… I have to make another half just like the first one (obviously, because that’s what symmetrical means). But I’m in no hurry and have actually quite enjoyed the lace experience. I have done some lace work before, but nothing this big.

And what’s the ice cream box doing in the photo? That’s where my two little balls of yarn are, of course. I’m using Grignasco Merinosilk doubled, and keeping the balls in a box, with a hole in the lid, stops them from getting all tangled and rolling around. This is quite a nice little knitting tool to make as it involves eating the ice cream first.


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