Mindless crochet and finished objects

I went to the yearly Helsinki craft fair yesterday with my mum. I usually go alone to these types of events, so this was a nice change. We decided that she would not let me buy any more yarn and I would not let her buy any more bags, and it worked. I didn’t buy anything, and she just bought some kind of steam iron cover. Unfortunately, this means that I haven’t got any yummy yarn pictures to show you.

I felt a cold coming on and got really tired after just one hour of walking around at the fair. Today I’ve stayed indoors all day with a runny nose and done a little easy crochet to pass the time. Looks like a nice little doily, doesn’t it?

But it seems to have drawstrings… It’s a tiny bag!

Actually, it’s a shower scrubbie. Just the perfect size for a lovely Chagrin Valley sample soap bar. The pattern I used was Shower Scruba Dub Dub and the yarn some old Novita Butterfly I had lying around. It’s a cotton and viscose blend, probably softer than a good scrubbie should be, but we’ll see how it works for me.

Anyway, as I was working on the scrubbie, I remembered that I had originally bought the yarn for a lace top that I had made two or three years ago but never worn, because it turned out too big. But I had never thought about wearing it as a vest on top of a blouse! So I took the top out of my closet, fixed some ends that were still unfinished, and tried it on. It’s ok, isn’t it?


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